Thursday, February 16, 2006

Wednesday night invasion

More violence in Rocinha: Five residents die as dealers from Morro da Providência, Cantagalo and Pavão-Pavãozinho try to take back Rocinha. The cops are out in force. It sounds like a continuation of the war between the Comando Vermelho (which used to control Rocinha) and Amigos dos Amigos (which controls Rocinha now.)Globo reports, in Portuguese.

Thanks to Gabe for the link.


cluster said...

Hi Mr. Neuwirth,

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I have a few other questions for you now though of a different matter. If you would email me that would be awesome. Don't worry, I won't go giving your email address out to everybody and their uncle. My email address is:

Thank you very much!

Alex said...

6 people die in Rocinha but was traficantes from ADA and CV, the invasao start in 3 30 in the morning.

Robert I can send for you some fotos I receve.

Alex said...

ok, I just send the fotos and two days after the invasao, the police come for Rocinha and shoot with traficantes, but no body die or injure.

I send for you fotos result of invasao and one nice foto of Rocinha.

rn said...

I stand corrected. Five of the dead may have been from Rocinha, but they were part of the drug posse. The way I referred to them might have implied that that they were innocent bystanders. They were not.