Monday, February 06, 2006

The high fashion squat

Fashion Model Helena Christensen is supporting the squatters of Christiania in their effort to keep their commune at the heart of Copenhagen, the Telegraph reports. The government claims to harbor no ill will to the squatters, but wants to allow development, condos, and higher income rentals in the area. Of course, this may not jive well with a community that has its own rules to ban cars, stealing, guns, bulletproof vests and hard drugs, and has created its own monetary system.

And why is a fashion model entering the dispute? Well, I had never heard of Helena Christensen (apparently she's been a Victoria's Secret catalog regular), but anyone who headlines her web site with this quote can't be all bad:
"In modeling, there is no point in trying to prove you have a brain, so why even bother? I'd sooner save the energy for something more meaningful."

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