Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Neighbours rally round squatters

BBC NEWS reports that one North London neighborhood actually likes its squatters.


Neela said...


I just finished reading your book Shadow cities. I learnt about your book from Dilip D'Souza. A really excellent book (though I noticed a small small typo: The hospital in Bandra is called Holy Family and not Holy Name Hospital).

I've been recommending it around - and I hope many more people read it.

Will you do any bookreadings or discussions in NYC?


rn said...

Thanks, Neela, for the kind words and for understanding that 'Holy Name' was a typo (I got it right in the acknowledgments!)

I did an event at NYU last year, but haven't had any traction making anything else happen in NYC. I'll be in Ithaca making several presentations next week and am participating in a conference called Cities Under Siege at SUNY Stony Brook on the 10th of March.

I would love to do more public events in New York, so if you have any thoughts about concepts or places, please send them my way.

Anonymous said...

I really like this blog, it's refreshing to read something intelligent and well informed. Cheers.