Monday, August 13, 2007

'Buy the land for the squatters'

An independent candidate for local office in Barbados has an engaging proposal. "Government can ... purchase the land, parcel it out, and resell it on more favourable terms to the squatters. That is what a responsible Government would do," said Douglas Trotman. The Nation Newspaper in Barbados has the details.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Rhino’s horn

Ain't this a sign of the times. The squatters can't stay in their homes, but the symbol of their resistance to Geneva's gentrification--the red horn that stuck out from the corner of the squat called Rhino--is up for sale and has commanded a bid of 1 million Euros. The Tribune de Geneve has a brief report

Berlin, a squatters' utopia, collapsing

Development pressures threaten a Berlin squat that has been in existence for almost 2 decades. Here's a key detail: "Irish, British, Danish and American investors are now buying up Berlin real estate at a steady clip, discovering the value in prices that are hovering at about €1,500 per square meter, or $192 per square foot." In the case of Koepi--named after Koepenicker Street, where it is located--the demon is a local firm called Sanus. The International Herald Tribune has the details.