Friday, July 22, 2005

Zimbabwe Showed 'Indifference to Human Suffering,' UN Envoy Says

UN Habitat head Anna Tibaijuka calls upon the Mugabe government to stop demolishing homes and to pay reparations to those who have lost their homes, according to this dispatch from (you can read a BBC dispatchhere.)

Tibaijuka said Zimbabwe's pledge to provide land for the displaced was not feasible given the country's current economic condition, particularly as it assumes that local governments will provide access roads, highway infrastructure and basic services to enable displaced people to build new homes.

The toll of the Zimbabwe government's action: 700,000 people evicted; 2.4 million impacted.

Though the UN's bureaucratic language can seem repressed, the report moved Kofi Annan to say that Zimbabwe had done "a catastrophic injustice" to its poorest citizens. Strong words from the UN Secretary General.

Even with this damning report, there's a question hanging out there for all who care about housing and civil rights: Now what?

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