Wednesday, July 06, 2005

A bit of good news from Bombay

I missed this item in Mumbai's Economic Times. The Bombay High Court weighed in on squatters rights a few weeks back. Denouncing "cosmetic surgery" like temporary plots during the monsoon season or forcing squatters to live outside the city limits, chief justice Dalbeer Bhandari commanded the government to come up with a long term strategy to rehouse squatters whose homes were demolished back in December and January.


Anonymous said...

twenty years ago I went for the first time in Bombay . They told me that within the beginning of the 2000 the problem should be solved . Now the situation is even worse. Hope and miracles are the only unsufficiene (helas)answer. I am very happy anyway that someone is doing in a better way -because myself and one Photografer were not living inside the shanty towns -what I was trying to do without a consistent visibility from 1985 t0 1992. If you are interested I can show you some of the documentation Giancarla Ceppi from Rome

rn said...


Ah, yes: If Bombay's squatters had a rupee for every time a politician promised that 'the problem will be solved' they'd be in better shape than they are now.

I'd be very interested in knowing more about your time in Bombay and your documentation. Do you have anything from your Bombay experience online? Even in Italian would be OK.