Friday, July 08, 2005

A new level of chutzpah

A Zimbabwean official tells an international housing seminar that his country has invested 3 trillion dollars in the relocation of the squatters whose comes have been destroyed. The demolition, he insists, was part of the country's housing plan. Sometimes it's just hard to keep a straight face when reading things.

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Anonymous said...

Hold on, New Zealand - if we start declaring Zimbabwe a rogue state and put sanctions on in, the people are going to suffer even more. Hello, their main modes of subsistence are argricultural. In other words, they're stuck in the middle ages, economically, and it doesn't look as though there's a light at the end. What the hell is denying these people access to goods and trade with the rest of the world going to do? If you really want to do something, intiate a UN audit of the governement there; start designing new ways to get them to cooperate with the rest of us (incentives). Cutting off the blood supply of the people will only make their situation worse.