Friday, May 09, 2008

Whose South Africa?

Le Monde Diplomatique offers a clear-eyed perspective on the inequalities and inequities of the new South Africa, with special focus on the squatter communities.


Unknown said...

Mr. Neuwirth,

I read your book and had a question about the drug lord protection in the favelas of Rio. Do you know when the drug lords assumed power in these favelas? I'd like to write a paper and I'm looking for some hard evidence as to when they assumed power. If you could email me at, I would greatly appreciate it. - Nick

Anonymous said...
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Acumensch said...

Hey I really like your blog. I am interested in legal battles that squatters have endured with the state when it comes to adverse possession laws. Do you know of any court cases that are relevant to this area?

Thanks, I'll be watching your blog.