Monday, May 19, 2008

squatting on the rise in the USA

It's a response to the sub-prime meltdown and the tragedy of foreclosures. People without homes while an enormous number of buildings are vacant. Reuters has details.

One sorry point about the article: it features no interviews with squatters themselves, but is almost entirely based on interviews with real estate brokers. This makes it seem like the squatters are manipulating the tragic situation for their own benefit. As if the banks and entities that have foreclosed are not. Some squatters may, indeed, be seeking to profit. But I'm sure there are others who simply need shelter.

To be, as Patrick Chamoiseau has written, is first and foremost to possess a roof.


Anonymous said...

It seems that people grab what they can in order to survive. I hope its just a matter of time before these same squatters start to voice their claims in a more politicized way. The question is if americans. even when deprived of everything are willing to challenge 'property' as an idea. Or the individual 'freedom' (to be foreclosed and evicted).

As for the rest, the whole foreclosure tragedy is a typical case of the bill for corporate screwup presented to private individuals. Is there already ppl who do not move out of their home although foreclosed?

Ken Ballard said...

Very good site and a fresh look at the concerns of the "squatters" that is often ignored or dismissed. Please look at my thesis project "rethink village" @


David said...

I'm a student at Portland State University and have studied shantytowns a bit. I think they can be great help to the poor and homeless. Please read this blog:

Unknown said...

Does anyone know of any squatter resources for USA based squatters?