Monday, January 15, 2007

Dutch squatters face anti-liberal backlash : Mail & Guardian Online

Squatters under fire in Amsterdam. The Mail & Guardian has details.


Anonymous said...

After the fall of the last (conservative rightwing-liberal) gevernement the issue of a law against squatting (luckily) vanished in a drawer. Nevertheless, it gave the squatters movement a healthy impulse to once again state its motives and goals.

A number of spectacular actions were staged, including a big sleep in at amsterdams central square in july 2005 and squatting various big and small empty buildings all around the country.

Suprisingly, there was support not only from the 'usual suspects' as renters organisation and leftwing parties but also from the housing department heads of the major cities, who wrote a letter to the housing minister stating that a squatting ban was senseless and counterproductive because of rampant speculation and the general housing crisis in urban areas.

As for defiant, it is needless to say that squatters do not really require a legal situation at all to do their thing. Definitely not the dutch squatters who are a well organized and quite millitant movement.

social-revolutionary greetz from
insurgent amsterdam, fortress europe

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rn said...

insurgent greetings back at you, Sikes.