Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The UN is coming, the UN is coming

UN Habitat chief Anna Tijaijuka has arrived in Zimbabwe to assess the evictions there.

It's interesting that Zimbabwe's Operation Murambatsvina is first translated as 'Operation Restore Order' but further down in the article is rendered as 'drive out trash.'

Some other interesting items in this press release:
# a new UN report indicates that around the world there are about 6 million people who are being evicted or threatened with eviction.
# the building of the Lyari Expressway in Pakistan is threatening 250,000 families
# thousands of squatter families are threatened with eviction in the state of Para in Brazil
# in some of the Indian Ocean tsunami-stricken areas, authorities are preventing displaced persons from re-entering previous settlements under the guise of the future risk of another Tsunami [note: I recently heard from some members of the US affiliate of Engineers Without Borders who confirmed that locals are being prevented from returning to their homes in coastal areas but that tourist hotels are rising on these sites. This blatant land grab is an absolute outrage.]

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