Sunday, June 19, 2005

Institute for War and Peace Reporting

A strong piece on the Zimbabwe demolitions from the Institute for War and Peace Reporting.

Consider this: "As police in full riot gear moved in to torch shacks using petrol, many residents tore down their own homes to salvage some of the building materials." Victoria Muchenje, whose shack in Mbare, a densely populated township just outside Harare, was destroyed in the government pogrom, told the IWPR, “We are suffering, we have nowhere to go. Our children are not going to school, we are sleeping outside everywhere. If you walk, everywhere you see people sleeping in the road.”

The site also features some absolutely crushing photos. See them here.

If this doesn't convince you of the evil of this demolition drive that concerned Zimbabweans are comparing to Pol Pot's "Return to Year Zero," nothing will.


Anonymous said...

applies rather to your blog as a whole that to this post. why don't you have rss/atom syndication available?
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Anonymous said...

The book was an eye opener, thanks! - and I am glad you're blogging. The black background makes it Really hard to read. Does blogger have a trackback feature that you can activate?

rn said...

1. borzoj: Thanks. I do have the atom feed enabled on the blog (though I confess I have no idea what that means.) If I have time I will try to hook up an rss feed as well.

2. Yes, I do need some luck. Thanks.

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