Sunday, January 19, 2014


The new face of social exclusion in Brazil, as management shuts an upscale mall because of a favela flash mob, known as a rolezinho. The first recent rolezinho was in Sao Paulo, and was mostly peaceful and fun. But The Guardian reports that subsequent gatherings have involved alleged robberies and an increasingly violent police response, including teargas, rubber bullets, and bashing local teenagers with clubs.

Brazil has, in recent years, reduced poverty, mostly through a system of cash payments known as the bolsa familia. Still, the elite and the authorities have got to understand that more must be done--including true social acceptance and integration. As one activist told the Guardian, "The movement aims to denounce inequality and open opportunities for the poor to come to places like this. It's not about stealing or destroying, it's about getting back to the idea of having fun."

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Klaipeda said...

Very laudable initiative, it raises social responsibility and gathers people despite the differences.