Saturday, June 22, 2013

the World Cup runneth over

The Guardian offers a view of the Brazilian street demonstrations from Fortaleza, capital of the northeastern state of CearĂ¡ and, according to the United Nations, the 5th most unequal city in the world.

Money quote:

For Forteleza's poor, the World Cup has meant changes including the forced removal of 5,000 people from communities Lagoa da Zeza and Vila Cazumba to areas without schools, and fears that the tournament will increase exploitation of children in a city that has been trying to shake off its reputation for sex tourism.

Money stat:
While 133,000 people in Fortaleza live in extreme poverty, 1/3 of them without any sanitation services, the city spent $230 million to renovate the local soccer stadium.

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Unknown said...

Do you have any insight or commentary on the redevelopment efforts of these communities and local business after they relocate? How do local entrepreneurs and business "get on their feet again", and connect with former costumes in their new location?