Thursday, January 21, 2010

Black Thursday

That's the day the big classified newspaper in Paris comes out with all the housing ads, and it's a horrible day for apartment seekers. The squatter group Jeudi Noir has now occupied #1 Place des Vosges. The Guardian calls it "a luxurious Parisian address which once housed Madame de Sévigné and Isadora Duncan." Jeudi Noir reports that the building has been empty for 44 years.

The Guardian's Jessica Reed writes: "It might be hard to immediately sympathise with squatters – the right to own property runs so deep in modern western society that anything challenging the status quo is bound to make waves. I would, however, question the intentions and principles of those willing to let their own buildings decay uninhabited for 40 years while homeless people die every winter from exposure. How to rationalise that? I struggle to find any excuse for leaving the most impoverished section of the population out in the cold, when buildings go unused and unlet for very long periods of time."

Four decades? Zut alors, it's about time someone took it over.


ecem s. said...

I've never heard of Jeudi Noir until now but hats off to them. I find it hard to rationalize this too. I live in Istanbul and the landscape of our cities lacks any kind of promise or future. What Jeudi Noir did is an unbelievably intelligent way of protesting this landscape. I wish we had a spirit to do something this original in Istanbul to nudge awareness.

walter said...

you might find this interesting

paraben said...

THis is the first time that i have heard of this kind of black something. There's only black saturday for me.