Monday, November 23, 2009

denial in Delhi

Rather than do anything to improve the lives of squatters and street hawkers, the Mayor of the Indian capital wants to force them to get "bio-metric, bio-cryptic photo identity cards" and proposes to charge them 400 rupees--or almost $9 each--for the privilege.


Tatu said...

wow...this might be the most absurd thing I have heard in a while...tag them, why of course! that will do the trick!- how delusional

rn said...

Yes, Tatu. And it's a fascist, big-brother proposal. What's next? Inserting radio frequency identification chips directly under the skin of people the government doesn't like?

Unknown said...

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thank you so much

rn said...


I'll send you my email address if you give me your email address. Thanks.

Unknown said...

thanks. my email adress is: