Friday, February 06, 2009

Lula in Sta. Marta

The BBC offers an assessment of the Brazilian effort to bring peace to the favelas. What the story doesn't sufficiently stress is that the Brazilian President can make all the public statements he wants, but the police are controlled by the state government, and most people inside and outside the favelas think they are more violent and less honorable than the drug traffickers they supposedly seek to fight.


Anonymous said...

My graduate school seminary up in Harlem is currently reading your terrific book, Shadow Cities. We're making a trip to Rio de Janeiro (as well as Lima and Buenos Aires) together in April and was wondering if we could contact you regarding it. We've been studying the poor around the world and here in New York and would love any suggestions you may have regarding our trip.

Please contact me, mark [at] cityseminarny [dot] org

Anita said...
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