Monday, July 23, 2007

Beat Diaspora

Beat Diaspora is the blog of 'Gregzinho,' an American living in Rocinha and working for the Two Brothers Foundation, a great educational NGO. Lots of info on bailes funk (favela all-night dance parties), the cops, the drug gangs, and, simply, real life.


Anonymous said...

While I was looking after News from Rocinha, I found your blog. Thanks a lot! Tanta saudade...!
Last year I lived for 6 months in Rocinha for doing some "field resarch", like we sociologists call it. Infelizmente all my articles are in german by the moment, but I´m thinking to open a blog as well.
Now I´m looking for a phd-scholarship, because I have to go back to Rocinha....
so, thanks again for all information about Rocinha.

rn said...

Hey isa.

What was the focus of your field research? How did you start living in Rocinha? And where did you live while you were there?