Monday, June 18, 2007

Squatters success!

A cement company in the Philippines has handed 1.4 hectares of land to Gawad Kalinga, a religiously-motivated non-profit, so the 200 squatter families who have occupied the tract can stay. It may not be a truly scalable solution, but at least this one community has avoided eviction. The Sun Star has the details.

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Unknown said...

Warm greetings Sir Robert Neuwirth!

I’m John Robert Portentado, an undergraduate from Philippines. I am currently in the process of conducting a case study apropos of squatters. I am writing in an attempt to acquire your opinion as a dedicated advocate of squatter welfare thus making you one of the respondents to my research. I hope you’ll be kind to share your knowledge about certain matters that I deem significant to my study.

First, do you think the age-old monotonous eviction scheme of Philippine government to address the believed problem on squatting is effective? Why? Second, aside from “eviction“ could you please enumerate other schemes, measures or resolutions in addressing squatting and which of those do you think will be most effective in the Philippine setting?

I hope you could help me Mr. Neuwirth. Thank you in advance Sir!