Sunday, April 29, 2007

Miami shantytown up in flames, but will its message be lost

The Miami Herald and Florida Today have the sad details. Forty four people lost their homes.

Will the Liberty City squatters rebuild....even stronger?


James Kearney said...

Mr. Neuwirth,
I suppose this is not a good method of contacting you, but I could find no other contact information for you. My name is James Kearney and I am an undergraduate student of Classical Studies (Latin) and Anthropology at New York's CUNY Hunter College. I have been enthralled by the phenomenon of squatter cities since I saw the lecture you gave in July of 2005 at TED. I am currently putting together a Fulbright Grant proposal to go abroad to South America to study this phenomenon, and I write to ask your advice. Would you be willing to correspond with me as I develop this proposal?
Admittedly, the project is in its early childhood, but I am fully dedicated to developing and submitting this idea for Fulbright consideration. I believe these cities hold a key to understanding a certain aspect of human social evolution that is crucial to the global community. Understanding how and why these communities come together from the ground up can help demystify the origins of sedentism, and can help in understanding how to maintain communities from the top down.
Please contact me at at your convenience if you'd like assist me in undertaking this project, or if there is something I can do for you. I can provide more details on the current state of my project and how I can use your help upon your request. I am very willing, and I hope to hear from you soon.

>james kearney

Deadmanshonda said...

hopefully not.

Brett Bloom said...

Is this the same encampment that the inhabitants referred to as "Umoja Village"?

rn said...

leiselb: Amen.

brett: Yes.