Friday, March 09, 2007

Zambia gets the demolition bug

The government of Zambia has decided to demolish all shantytowns. These communities, it so happens, are also where the opposition draws its support. The horror continues. Isn't there a difference between squatter settlements and well-off people who have grabbed government land for their own gain. And where will the dislocated people go? Reuters and the Times of Zambiahave details.

[thanks to Gabe for alerting me to this story]


Anonymous said...

God help us! Neat blog. Just found it today on Google.

holden said...

Mr. Neuwirth,
I want to get in touch with you because I have the editors of Guernica magazine interested in a piece on squatter cities and if there is any art going on in these places. Is there art happening in the squatter cities of Mumbai? of Rio? I wonder if you could email me. I'd be interested in you writing it, or if you could point me in the right direction... thanks... Scott Smith (