Saturday, December 02, 2006

Eviction threat to 849,000 squatters

This story from Bulatlat, The Philippines's alternative weekly magazine, details how Tondo, a squatter community that has existed since the 1950s, is in line to be demolished in the drive to privatize the country's ports. The lucky thing is the neighborhood has a history of political activism and organizing. The bad news: 5,000 houses in neighboring barangays (squatter villages) have already been demolished in the past nine months.

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S. Sharyne said...

Mr. Robert Neuwirth

I S. Sharyne, have found this particular article useful for my major assestment task for Science.

All Stage 5 student are required to do an Assesment Task for Science with an Christian prespective, based on the topic the student chose. I have chosen to do a biography of my mother, that will include about the environment and lifestyle that people encounter everyday.

I am asking permission to use this particualr article; using the photograph and some information to present or use in my assesment task.

Tahnk you very much and may God bless you.