Friday, August 18, 2006

Police evict Africans in raid on France's biggest squat

Yesterday, police evicted African squatters from France's biggest squat, a former school in a nice Paris suburb. Again and again and again: eviction with no plans for rehousing except Red Cross emergency shelters. No offer to work with the squatters. No offer to do anything but push people out.

Ghislain Thierry, 25, an electrician who has lived in the building for a year and a half, is originally from Cameroon and has been in France legally for 12 years. Here's his take on the eviction: "I have a decent job and enough money to rent a flat. You'd think I would be able to find a roof over my head without having to live in a squat, but not in France. I experience racism every single day, in every aspect of my life."

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