Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Zimbabwe Demolitions Visible From Outer Space

No lie. Check out the photos. The first shows Porta Farm, a squatter community outside Harare formed by government fiat when Zimbabwe evicted people 15 years ago before a Commonwealth summit. The second is the same community after Operation Murambatsvina, the demolition drive initiated by the government last year.

See the photos, enlarged.

Read the Amnesty International press release.


Anonymous said...

Is there any news what is happening to the people? Are they being moved into other housing projects, or are they just left to their own?

This is interesting stuff, as I'm currently doing research into informal settlements/ squatters/ slums for my masters thesis.

rn said...


Mugabe government officials claim they're building new housing. But don't believe them. There are plenty of reports, some of them highlighted in past posts on this blog, showing that people are still living in makeshift hovels and that any new housing that was built was snapped up by the politically well-connected.

The BBC and the Guardian have provided some continuing coverage.

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