Monday, April 03, 2006

Let's hope

Kenya President Mwai Kibaki reports that the country will spend Sh880 billion (or approximately $11 billion U.S.) on upgrading shantytowns. But what is upgrading? "Improving accessibility to basic services such as shelter, water, education, health, security and income generating activities" can mean all sorts of things.

The Kibera upgrading has been talked about for years. I'd like to know specifically what Kibaki's government is doing. Let's hope its doing something constructive.


Anonymous said...

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rn said...

hey y:

Thanks for asking. Buy it where it most pleases you. I get royalties based on the list price. So I get the same amount no matter where you buy the book, as long as you don't buy it used.

Anonymous said...

Robert, excuse me using the comment tool to contact. I'm with the Durban shack dwellers' movement, Abahlali baseMjondolo, and will be in NYC next week. If possible I'd appreciate the opportunity to meet and talk. More on Abahlali at


Anonymous said...

sorry, contact address is

lots more about abahlali at Indy Media South Africa and and some stuff at a site just being developed at