Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Delhi Demolition

And where are they supposed to live and work? The HindustanTimes reports that more than 300 homes and kiosks have been demolished as part of a drive to beautify old Delhi.


Anonymous said...

Government and People should show no mercy with such people who run business from residential premisis.

+ These people pay no tax even when they can
+ These people deal in black money
+ If they want to sell things let them do as street hawkers and face the same hardships.

rn said...

No mercy, anon? Exterminate all the brutes? I think you protest too much.

Yes, most squatters don't pay taxes. But hey: they don't get government services. Taxes are a quid pro quo for infrastructure.

No, most squatters are not dealing in black money. They are dealing in legal goods and services.

And yes, the fact is, these people do operate very similarly to street hawkers and face the same hardships.