Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Squatters penetrate the clutter

I'm excited that Shadow Cities is helping bring attention to squatters and their vital communities. I just took a quick look around the web and found some notable recent items:

Forum: Qualitatative Social Research offers a review by Brian Christens.

The Epoch Times has a review by Molly A. Daniels-Ramanujan

Boing Boing provides a thoughful commentary; see also the reaction posted at Radical Congruency

Finally, Stewart Brand mentions squatters in his interesting article on Environmental Heresies in the May 2005 issue of Technology Review

Keep those cards and letters coming!

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Anonymous said...

And in french theres' this book review published in february in the swiss daily La Liberte. If anybody wants and can read french, they can ask me for a copy, phr2@yahoo.com
Best, Philippe