Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Squatters mobilize against corruption

Here's an article from the Times of India showing how much squatters care about their communities, no matter how precarious their perch. The squatters in this area--Borivali National Park in Mumbai--are living under the threat of mass eviction. Nonetheless, they are petitioning the government to crack down on small-scale illicit distilleries operating in their community.

There's also another angle here: politicians angling for the support of the squatters. In late 2003, when I left Mumbai, there were perhaps 40,000 families still living in the Park, making squatters in this one neighborhood a serious voting block. Vidya Chavan, who led this protest, was until recently an official of the Janata Dal party, and has a history of vying with other liberal or left political entities for the sympathies of these squatters.

The Times of India

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