Thursday, March 30, 2006

Young slaves of Mumbai

Hidden in the squatter communities of Mumbai: workshops that depend on the slave labor of thousands of children. The Indian newsweekly Frontline reports.


Anonymous said...

You writed a comment on that interested me, and i would like to know if zizek talk about "hacking the built city" or why you make this parallel,


rn said...

Hi Marc. For those that didn't see it, I commented on a post on '' about a group providing free wifi in Montreal -- no passwords, no barriers to getting online. They claimed to be 'hacking the built city' and I responded by saying the phrase sounded like it could have come from social critic Slavoj Zizek.

So, to clarify: No, Zizek did not use the phrase, so far as I know. I was (unsuccessfully) trying to be tongue in cheek, suggesting that guys like Zizek are great at coming up with great phrases that give great impact to ideas that are perhaps not so big.

I support free wifi. But I don't think it needs to be written up as revolutionary to be a good thing.