Tuesday, March 07, 2006

with organizing, the future is now

Thirty-two squatter communities in Pune (outside Bombay) have gained a degree of legitimacy by organizing. Now they have a public budget and can avoid the petty corruption of local officials. Express India has the details in this brief story.

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Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I heard your talk on the Long Now Foundation Lecture Series and I have just bought your book. It was helpful as I've developed some "learning journey" programmes to places like Mumbai for executives and leaders. I'm keen to find people like yourself who demystify them, or at least challenge your assumptions about them.

The goal of these learning journeys is to use highly designed experiences in the field to help shift western leaders' assumptions, open minds and hearts, and see new possibilities beyond their "theories in use" about these places. With trusted locals in these communities, are taking them for a full day to one of the slums in Pune (the one you mention here) and another in Mumbai.

I was wondering a couple of things about resources:
a) any article of yours I can recommend b) any particular people within Mumbai I can contact for future trips c) would you be interested in being part of these programmes?

Please email me and I can give you a call.