Sunday, March 19, 2006

latest favela chic: classical music

Now planned for Heliopolis, a Sao Paulo favela: a $6.6 million classical music center. As a former French Horn player, I'm all for music training. But I wonder whether a massive investment like this is the way forward. In tandem, there should be some concrete benefits for all Heliopolis residents.

Perhaps sewers, water, legal electricity would be good ideas. The community should organize to demand these things in concert with the new concert facility.

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Anonymous said...

Yes very good, I think a center for classical music is the way to go. You should try to stimulate young minds like myself. I am just___(well an age under 12) and I not only listen to classical music, but compose it to (25 compositions in counting!). You should follow up on this. I play trumpet and piano.