Sunday, March 19, 2006

City Vision

After the elections at the beginning of this month, the Democratic Alliance outmaneuvered the African National Congress to take control of Cape Town's City Hall. This letter to a South African news agency tells why:
the ANC has failed to deliver on its promises....You cannot ask people after many years of struggle and ten years of freedom what needs to be done.
The issue now is doing it.
In Cape Town we want land, we do not have land.
We want decent houses or flats and not just toilets and shacks.
We want to stay around Cape Town, not in marginalized squatter camps anymore. We want free education, jobs and grants for unemployed people, grants for all sick people and children under 18 years. People want a fighting government that is committed to redistribution of wealth and not just promises about economic development.
Economic development is a liberal theory which serve the interests of the very same white people who stole our wealth.

These are words local governments in every mega-city in the developing world should take to heart.

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and if they dont listen, then people have to organize to take these things