Wednesday, December 07, 2005

'A war that never ends' in Rio's Favelas leaves 4,000 dead

The Houston Chronicle reports that more than 4,000 people have died over the past five years in the Brazilian beach city's war on drug gangs in the favelas. More than 900 have died so far this year at the hands of the police--some of them killed execution-style.

To be fair, the police note that, on average, one officer is killed each week in the famed beachfront city.

Still, favela residents, most of whom abhor the traficantes, hate the police more. They feel the cops are part of the problem (and in league with the traffickers), not part of the solution

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Anonymous said...

Is true what you say. We do not like the police, they come in favelas only to kill. Many inocentes are killed. The kill traficantes because they want control.
If we see traficantes we do not run, only run when police or inimigos come.