Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Blocking the 'Yellow Monsters'

A town council in Botswana has wisely acted to block a national government plan to demolish a local squatter encampment, allAfrica.com reports. Mayor Christopher Ramolemana wants people in the community called Baghdad Town to be guaranteed adequate relocation before the bulldozers, or 'yellow monsters,' can start their awful work. As the Mayor sensibly says, "After we have given people plots, we can then monitor squatting and control it."

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Anonymous said...

Robert Neuwirth-

My name is Michael Roberts, and I am an undergraduate student at the University of Richmond. This is not on topic of your post, but I cannot find another way to reach you.

Come January, I will be conducting a field research component of a paper on community organizing and toilet block programs in Mumbai. I have contacted a number of NGOs such as SPARC, but have had trouble finding an electronic method of contacting Jockin or others from the NSDF.

I was influenced by your chapter on Mumbai in Shadow Cities, and I wonder if you might be able to provide some advice or direct me to some further resources for accessing the community?

My e-mail address is michael.e.roberts@richmond.edu. I look forward to hearing from you.