Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Rising Rio violence

Three boys plus a 24-year old man were killed by the cops in a Rio favela, Reuters reports. The boys, all members of Bateria Nosso Sonho, a percussion ensemble in favela Morro do Estado in Niteroi, had gone out to buy sodas, their families said. Witnesses said one of the youths was shot in the head after he was already wounded. Another dead youth, shot in the head, was found nearby, but it was not clear whether he was a victim of the same police action.

Amnesty International has called on the Brazilian government to rein in rogue cops who are executing innocents in the favelas. See this AI report for details.

Last week, drug dealers set fire to a city bus, killing five passengers and injuring 13. The following day, four men suspected of committing the crime were found executed, gangland style.


Anonymous said...

Those guys who put fire in the bus and kill the people, because before the police come and kill a traficate from the favela. I hear the CV kill them guys who put fire in the bus because the CV do not like terrorism acts.


marieroshi said...

Your blog is so original. I get such a kick from reading it. Why don't you email me?

rn said...

Well, marieroshi, your email didn't work.