Tuesday, July 19, 2005

The sprawling squatter city of Sultanbeyli, on the outskirts of Istanbul. Sultanbeyli is an independent squatter metropolis. Though no one owns, the city has a popularly elected government (yes, a squatter mayor in the 7 story squatter City Hall!) and a massive bureaucracy providing public works and other city services.  Posted by Picasa


none said...

very interesting images. they do tell their own story. maybe you might be interested in a closeup of one of the houses located at the "Floodway."
(informal settler)

rn said...

Great photo, Monster. A nice, colorful and well-kept abode. Floodway must be a reasonably nice neighborhood. I've got lots of close-ups of the communities where I lived. I will be posting some of them before too long.

Anonymous said...


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